the dark soil

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Does death come alone, or with eager reinforcements?Does death come alone, or with eager reinforcements? Death is centrifugal Solar and logical Decadent and symmetrical Angels are mathematical Angels are bestial Man is the animal Man is the animalThe blacker the sun The darker the dawn … Fire of the Mind : Coil : The Ape of NaplesJohn Balance and Peter Christopherson

@jamesfrancotv: Coney Island Baby @lanadelrey
Daniel Higgs piece done by @sterling_barck on the inside of my upper arm. Thanks, dude! (at White Lotus Tattoo Studio)


Gordon Wilson Ashworth  Infinite Body  Matt Sullivan  Unmanned  live at Mata Gallery LA, CA Sunday Sept 14 2014 era vulgaris.
💀 (at Idyllwild, Ca)
Day trip out to Mordor.  (at Idyllwild - San Bernadino National Park)
💀 (at Idyllwild Moutains..)
Evening sounds: Terror Cell Unit and Crown Of Cerberus’ latest offerings on Crown Tapes.
Mountain View Cemetery. Oakland, California.
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