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My #selfiesaturday game is real strong tonight.


Are You Shivering? by Coil

Our life has grown weary 
The stars have grown old 
Are you still shivering? 
Are you still cold? 

(via atrialflutters)

HHL. 10-13-2014. DTLA.
@staceylynn_ brought me a pretty god damned good gift from Necromance on Melrose.

WORK/DEATH (Providence, RI) : Orchestra in a cloud of tin and sand. Harsh noise reality conducted by trembling but resolute hands. Scott Reber. Heavy objects, no words. “because the world is perfidious.”

GORDON ASHWORTH (Portland, OR) : formerly known as Concern and Oscillating Innards. Nocturnal tape collage, travelogue musique concrete, confusions of privacy/publicity.

WED 22 - Boston @ Deep Thoughts w/ Gastric Lavage
THU 23 - Hadley, MA @ I’m Floored, Route 9 w/ A Snake In The Garden, False Field and Gravity Blood. 
FRI 24 - Hudson, NY @ 533 Warren St, Fl. 2 w/ Eunuch
SAT 25 - Montreal, QC @ Casa de Poppoli w/ La Naegliera, Taskmaster
SUN 26 - Toronto, ON @ Ratio w/ Manticore, Beard Closet
TUE 28 - Oberlin, OH @ Oberlin College
WED 29 - Cincinnati, OH @ Rake’s End w/ Shredded Nerve, Robert Inhuman, Aaron Moss
THU 30 - Dayton, OH @ Ubiquitous Paranoia Loft w/ Daniel Reizer
FRI 31 - Washington, DC @ Maskennacht w / Veiled, Anduin. Info:
SAT 01 - Richmond, VA @ Auxiliary w / Brown Piss, Dyrt, Creeping
SUN 02 - Baltimore, MD @ The Crown
MON 03 - Philadelphia, PA @ Pageant Soloveev
TUE 04 - New Haven, CT @ Osborn House w/ Milk Collection
THU 06 - Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus w/ Aberich, Negation
FRI 07 - Pawtucket, RI @ Machines with Magnets w/ RRLEW, EDT, Sakiko Mori

* * *
social media event page :
I just want to give my boys in The Body a shout out (even though it’s really late) because tonight they were so loud that I couldn’t tell if I was breathing.
This show is on Monday in Los Angeles. Children of God are no longer playing.
I’ll be performing as HHL on Monday night at the 5 Star Bar in downtown Los Angeles with The Body and some other killers. I’d love to see you there. 
Harsh or die.

Three weeks ago I discovered an unlabeled cassette in the second slot of my tape deck. I searched around trying to find an empty case to no avail. I stressed. I got mad. I listened to it but couldn’t figure out what it was.
I just pressed play again today and realized that it was a recording that I made on a blank tape that I had sitting around. Never again. Label the world.

Status report: Not much is being accomplished on my end.
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