the dark soil
Harsh west coast bad boys.
Thank you, noise gods. Thank you, San Francisco.

I’ll be in San Francisco and Oakland for the next couple of days. Maybe I’ll see you.


Strawberry Switchblade’s Rose McDowall on the first visit to Japan, 1985

Great job, gentlemen. Unexamine’s “Bokeem Woodbine” on Heavy Psych.
KIRA rehearsal #1.
First show with a new project on Sunday in LA. KIRA is myself and Charlie Mumma. It’s going to be a BBQ and potluck so bring things to share.
HHL at MATA last night.
I’m performing tonight. Come out. 

Lorenzo Abattoir (Nascitari, Italy)
Sobering (Texas)
Wet Dream Asphyxiation

At Mata in Los Angeles
Coffee and cats and goddamn it’s bright I can’t see my phone.
No one has ever written, painted, sculpted, modeled, built, or invented except literally to get out of hell.
— Antonin Artaud (via columnofheaven)
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